why we buy humana dental

humana dental schedule a family here’s the partridges I actually put fam on here so I know there’s multiple people from the same family coming in Wow so smart so what

I just and the thing is is if you’re gonna do something like this have a code that everybody who would be messing with the schedule or working in the schedule knows what

that means because if you’re the only one do it and there’s three other people in the front and you know the code but nobody else does it doesn’t do anybody any good yeah and just as

a you know sort of a risk management suggestion anytime you’re making any kind of you know sort of little codes in your office there needs to be a key

written down someplace in the office even if you’re just saying like fluoride as opposed to FLX whatever it is it needs to be written down as a code you need a sheet now would you get an Excel spreadsheet or something

with that where you’re writing down the codes and what the meetings are and then train your new employees on it because half the time we hear three months in there like oh

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