We Have To Use Ameritas dental

Ameritas dental own company where she does remote billing she’s fantastic so Sarah Ameritas dental how are you today how are you so good I am actually hanging out I had to drop my husband off at work today and.

I have an appointment so I’m just gonna hanging out by a park but it’s real pretty because it sunrises up there’s blossoms all around me and I kind of feel like a creep podcasting next to these people’s house but I’m totally cool

With it exactly hello here we are where are you today I’m still at home this morning I’ve got to get the kids up and ready for school here in a little bit so I’m.

Just enjoying my morning of peace before the before the crazy I love that You picked the a.m. spot just because you like the kiddos will still be asleep and off weekend goes awesome well sir tell everyone a little bit about yourself .

I think you’ve got a real interesting story and you’re obviously one of my favorite people I think it’s funny even how you and I met in real life once upon a time so just a little bit about you so.

They they know who Sarah O’Brien is um well I have been in the dental field for almost years which is kind of crazy if you think about it I started assisting when .

I was and over time that kind of dist transitioned into this front office I decided at one point that that is where I should be because I can have complete and anal control over everything that.

I enjoy it I feel like it’s a you know it’s an important thing that we do helping the dentist and .

The patient find each other and get their care and it’s it’s fun so yeah awesome awesome and what was kind of your neck at the for office because we .

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