U Have to use dental insurance no waiting period

dental insurance no waiting period Comprehensive coverage but still I’m you know expensive relatively then we have states.

That offer limited benefits and states that offer no benefits beyond emergency services so really huge variation there and few states

Really offering comprehensive services what would happen if a Medicare benefit got a dental benefit got added to .

Medicare except we would really see that all of those individuals who are on Medicare would have a

Comprehensive benefit and then Medicaid and it would be a uniform benefit across all the United States and it would also provide some stability there in the event that you know the benefit would go away so this would

Act as the primary benefit the Medicare benefit would act as the primary benefit for individuals who are dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid so it would be really great for all individuals including individuals on

Medicaid next slide so Melissa touched on this there’s been some significant legislative efforts to move this forward first of all just as a preliminary

Matter in order to add a dental benefit to Medicare we actually have to change the statutory language because right now in law there is a specific

Exclusion for dental services under Medicare so we would have to remove that exclusion and then add definitions to the statutory language and we

Have a report that we put out that is on a on a slide that’s coming up that discusses what exact legislative changes would need to occur in order to

add a dental benefit to Medicare and Melissa also mentioned some of the legislation that’s already been put forth this year so we’re really excited to see.

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