U get all details about renaissance dental

Because they’re international renaissance dental are limited to a smaller group and so here in the United States there are a few different options there’s Camp fi this is a camp that’s held over

The course of a weekend typically a long weekend like fourth of July weekend or Columbus Day weekend but Camp FIS are held in multiple locations across

The country GRthroughout the year and so this year there are camp F eyes in the southeast I believe in Florida there’s one in the mid-atlantic somewhere around

The Virginia area there’s one in Colorado Springs there’s one that’s somewhere in the Midwest there’s one in Texas and then there’s one in Joshua Tree California so those are the ones this year unfortunately all of

The ones for are sold out yeah you know the fact that they’ve all sold out is a testament to the fact that a lot of people do want to connect with other people in.

The fire movement so the ones for have sold out but if you want to check out the ones for the year you can go to camp fi dot org it’s camp fi org

There’s also an event called camp mustache that happens in Seattle every Memorial Day weekend I will be there so those three events Camp mustache Camp fi and the Chautauqua’s those so far are the multi-day

Retreats or camps or workshops or whatever you want to call them in which people can get together and of course locally there are choose Fi groups or mustache.

Meetups you know locally in every city there are also people who get together with others in the fire community and in terms of planning my own events well so.

I guess this is the perfect moment to spill the beans or let the cat out of the bag I have

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