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A Dan Ltd plans were tooth pain at a rate pass as well so our recommendation is to again renew with Blue Cross and Blue Shield at the four point four .

the life and Ltdplansokay so anybody got any questions forScott or Bamit is a great renewal yeah I know I Idefinitely I think it is on a you knowfully insured basis and again

I continueto look at is there a point where weneed to look at partially self fundingthe plan versus being fully insured andagain looking at the rates that we hadthis year it didn’t make sense to youknow to pursue that so and we are belowwhat is trending into the industry forcities so at four point

four percentstaff is recommending that we renew withpushing okay unless there any questionsor discussion we’ll go to itemĀ  whichis consideration possible actually torenew

the voluntary dental plan for the city of our oceans employees for fiscal year of an option to read the contract for fiscal year and authorize city managers that signed the contract summit second a

discussion allthose in favor say ayeI think those opposed like sign motioncarries home consideration andpossible I should renew the unum lifeinsurance plan for the city ofWashington please for fiscal year with an option to renew the contractin fiscal year

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