u amazed after tooth pain

Tooth pain authorize the citymanager to sign the contract motionapproved second motion of a second isthere any discussion all those in favorsay ayeI’m

supposed like sign the motion carries out of  consideration andpositive programs rather considerationof possible action to renew theemployee’s health and group insurancefor fiscal year with option torenew the

contract for fiscal year  naming the insurance agents andauthorized the city manager who signedthe contract insurance agents and underwould like to leave this eveningwe’re using right now which say thatagainShepard

Walton and key we’ve got itspeak between two agents Shepard Laughlinand King and Texas insurance serviceinsurance associates Wyatt wins Bennettthat’s how they’ve given the bestservice to us that’s how we’ve had

itfor many many yearsdefinitely it works very well for you Imissed the first part of what you saidyou’re recommending that we that wecontinue the

same way we’ve been doingit using both the agents that werecurrently using oh they continue thesame way yeah both agents have been

veryresponsive to the city especially when we have some issues that pop up fromemployees and so we want to stay with our age they work well together theyhelp they help with a rich

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