Always use full insurance is dentemax

Had like dentemax a real snapshot of like the many many consequences of not having dental care and also like that those all have costs as well and we’ve recently found out .

That our state’s already spending over two million dollars a year providing this emergency dental benefit that is not consistently used that isn’t the best

Way to manage people’s dental oral health right so it’s already a huge cost to us to do what we’re doing we should do this in a way that’s smarter and giving people preventive care and access so we did a lot of focus on like

What helps in the next couple of slides you go ahead and forward you can see some of the statistics that we shared with people through social media and it was really great these were very popular and people really these are

Credit the messages we also use and I’m not going to play this right now but when you get the slides you can I think make this work so plays a video an audio file but also you can go to that link and see it on our Facebook page but .

This was a story of a young person who had dental care until he became an adult and then lost it because he has he he gets his health care through

Main care and how his oral health is really deteriorated very quickly so very young and so have a lot of issues now and the next slide as well there’s another woman who who talks about the consequences of not having

Access to care and then we also of course did things like trying to get less the other door printed and all those things that you are probably doing your lives all the time next slide and what ended up eventually happening

was LD was voted unanimously in committee ought not to pass the committee did not want to dictate that it be a managed care carve out and s

o that bill is now dad and LD v our bill receives the unanimous ought to pass I should have I did write as amended but and the amendment that they did was

U Have to use dental insurance no waiting period

dental insurance no waiting period Comprehensive coverage but still I’m you know expensive relatively then we have states.

That offer limited benefits and states that offer no benefits beyond emergency services so really huge variation there and few states

Really offering comprehensive services what would happen if a Medicare benefit got a dental benefit got added to .

Medicare except we would really see that all of those individuals who are on Medicare would have a

Comprehensive benefit and then Medicaid and it would be a uniform benefit across all the United States and it would also provide some stability there in the event that you know the benefit would go away so this would

Act as the primary benefit the Medicare benefit would act as the primary benefit for individuals who are dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid so it would be really great for all individuals including individuals on

Medicaid next slide so Melissa touched on this there’s been some significant legislative efforts to move this forward first of all just as a preliminary

Matter in order to add a dental benefit to Medicare we actually have to change the statutory language because right now in law there is a specific

Exclusion for dental services under Medicare so we would have to remove that exclusion and then add definitions to the statutory language and we

Have a report that we put out that is on a on a slide that’s coming up that discusses what exact legislative changes would need to occur in order to

add a dental benefit to Medicare and Melissa also mentioned some of the legislation that’s already been put forth this year so we’re really excited to see.

u amazed after tooth pain

Tooth pain authorize the citymanager to sign the contract motionapproved second motion of a second isthere any discussion all those in favorsay ayeI’m

supposed like sign the motion carries out of  consideration andpositive programs rather considerationof possible action to renew theemployee’s health and group insurancefor fiscal year with option torenew the

contract for fiscal year  naming the insurance agents andauthorized the city manager who signedthe contract insurance agents and underwould like to leave this eveningwe’re using right now which say thatagainShepard

Walton and key we’ve got itspeak between two agents Shepard Laughlinand King and Texas insurance serviceinsurance associates Wyatt wins Bennettthat’s how they’ve given the bestservice to us that’s how we’ve had

itfor many many yearsdefinitely it works very well for you Imissed the first part of what you saidyou’re recommending that we that wecontinue the

same way we’ve been doingit using both the agents that werecurrently using oh they continue thesame way yeah both agents have been

veryresponsive to the city especially when we have some issues that pop up fromemployees and so we want to stay with our age they work well together theyhelp they help with a rich

u can get ride off tooth pain

A Dan Ltd plans were tooth pain at a rate pass as well so our recommendation is to again renew with Blue Cross and Blue Shield at the four point four .

the life and Ltdplansokay so anybody got any questions forScott or Bamit is a great renewal yeah I know I Idefinitely I think it is on a you knowfully insured basis and again

I continueto look at is there a point where weneed to look at partially self fundingthe plan versus being fully insured andagain looking at the rates that we hadthis year it didn’t make sense to youknow to pursue that so and we are belowwhat is trending into the industry forcities so at four point

four percentstaff is recommending that we renew withpushing okay unless there any questionsor discussion we’ll go to item  whichis consideration possible actually torenew

the voluntary dental plan for the city of our oceans employees for fiscal year of an option to read the contract for fiscal year and authorize city managers that signed the contract summit second a

discussion allthose in favor say ayeI think those opposed like sign motioncarries home consideration andpossible I should renew the unum lifeinsurance plan for the city ofWashington please for fiscal year with an option to renew the contractin fiscal year

We Have To Use Ameritas dental

Ameritas dental own company where she does remote billing she’s fantastic so Sarah Ameritas dental how are you today how are you so good I am actually hanging out I had to drop my husband off at work today and.

I have an appointment so I’m just gonna hanging out by a park but it’s real pretty because it sunrises up there’s blossoms all around me and I kind of feel like a creep podcasting next to these people’s house but I’m totally cool

With it exactly hello here we are where are you today I’m still at home this morning I’ve got to get the kids up and ready for school here in a little bit so I’m.

Just enjoying my morning of peace before the before the crazy I love that You picked the a.m. spot just because you like the kiddos will still be asleep and off weekend goes awesome well sir tell everyone a little bit about yourself .

I think you’ve got a real interesting story and you’re obviously one of my favorite people I think it’s funny even how you and I met in real life once upon a time so just a little bit about you so.

They they know who Sarah O’Brien is um well I have been in the dental field for almost years which is kind of crazy if you think about it I started assisting when .

I was and over time that kind of dist transitioned into this front office I decided at one point that that is where I should be because I can have complete and anal control over everything that.

I enjoy it I feel like it’s a you know it’s an important thing that we do helping the dentist and .

The patient find each other and get their care and it’s it’s fun so yeah awesome awesome and what was kind of your neck at the for office because we .

U get all details about renaissance dental

Because they’re international renaissance dental are limited to a smaller group and so here in the United States there are a few different options there’s Camp fi this is a camp that’s held over

The course of a weekend typically a long weekend like fourth of July weekend or Columbus Day weekend but Camp FIS are held in multiple locations across

The country GRthroughout the year and so this year there are camp F eyes in the southeast I believe in Florida there’s one in the mid-atlantic somewhere around

The Virginia area there’s one in Colorado Springs there’s one that’s somewhere in the Midwest there’s one in Texas and then there’s one in Joshua Tree California so those are the ones this year unfortunately all of

The ones for are sold out yeah you know the fact that they’ve all sold out is a testament to the fact that a lot of people do want to connect with other people in.

The fire movement so the ones for have sold out but if you want to check out the ones for the year you can go to camp fi dot org it’s camp fi org

There’s also an event called camp mustache that happens in Seattle every Memorial Day weekend I will be there so those three events Camp mustache Camp fi and the Chautauqua’s those so far are the multi-day

Retreats or camps or workshops or whatever you want to call them in which people can get together and of course locally there are choose Fi groups or mustache.

Meetups you know locally in every city there are also people who get together with others in the fire community and in terms of planning my own events well so.

I guess this is the perfect moment to spill the beans or let the cat out of the bag I have

why we buy humana dental

humana dental schedule a family here’s the partridges I actually put fam on here so I know there’s multiple people from the same family coming in Wow so smart so what

I just and the thing is is if you’re gonna do something like this have a code that everybody who would be messing with the schedule or working in the schedule knows what

that means because if you’re the only one do it and there’s three other people in the front and you know the code but nobody else does it doesn’t do anybody any good yeah and just as

a you know sort of a risk management suggestion anytime you’re making any kind of you know sort of little codes in your office there needs to be a key

written down someplace in the office even if you’re just saying like fluoride as opposed to FLX whatever it is it needs to be written down as a code you need a sheet now would you get an Excel spreadsheet or something

with that where you’re writing down the codes and what the meetings are and then train your new employees on it because half the time we hear three months in there like oh


the system that’s HEALTH amazing for everybody watching this that’s front-office show this to your dental assistants oh yeah because I know

that’s always a struggle you know trying to figure out what implant and what are we were storing yeah and my biggest concern with people who

were scanning stuff into smart doc and I’m gonna open my smart doc here it just gave an example so here’s  treatment plans and a bunch of other

things that are in smart doc depending on who saved it and who renamed it this could be anything but

I could actually right click and remove this document alright and it’s gone forever there’s no way to recover it you know what if I was thinking oh this

was for Bob and not for Mary I want to move this well there’s no way to move it and if I right-click and I deleted it it’s gone what’s the transfer

document that’s right well the transfer you could do that but what I’m saying is if you didn’t realize it in the rain for any reason there’s no recovery it’s gone yeah so I’m not a big fan of stuff in smart doc and again

because over time this gets bogged down with information yeah the beauty of having it here is if I right-click and room over fight delete at this image it goes into our imaging recycling bin and I can always get it back now recycle arrange

that you’re bringing that up do you recommend cleaning that out at any given times yeah it’s it’s I kind of purge it on a yearly basis for the year you know not the year before but two years before so

I wait months or twelve months before I purge out the old stuff it’s also the image recycling bin is also a great tool for the office to use to find out information like if you

have a new assistant is that assistant taking films to get an eighteenth series it’s a great way to look and see you know because remember

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