Always use full insurance is dentemax

Had like dentemax a real snapshot of like the many many consequences of not having dental care and also like that those all have costs as well and we’ve recently found out .

That our state’s already spending over two million dollars a year providing this emergency dental benefit that is not consistently used that isn’t the best

Way to manage people’s dental oral health right so it’s already a huge cost to us to do what we’re doing we should do this in a way that’s smarter and giving people preventive care and access so we did a lot of focus on like

What helps in the next couple of slides you go ahead and forward you can see some of the statistics that we shared with people through social media and it was really great these were very popular and people really these are

Credit the messages we also use and I’m not going to play this right now but when you get the slides you can I think make this work so plays a video an audio file but also you can go to that link and see it on our Facebook page but .

This was a story of a young person who had dental care until he became an adult and then lost it because he has he he gets his health care through

Main care and how his oral health is really deteriorated very quickly so very young and so have a lot of issues now and the next slide as well there’s another woman who who talks about the consequences of not having

Access to care and then we also of course did things like trying to get less the other door printed and all those things that you are probably doing your lives all the time next slide and what ended up eventually happening

was LD was voted unanimously in committee ought not to pass the committee did not want to dictate that it be a managed care carve out and s

o that bill is now dad and LD v our bill receives the unanimous ought to pass I should have I did write as amended but and the amendment that they did was

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