the system that’s HEALTH amazing for everybody watching this that’s front-office show this to your dental assistants oh yeah because I know

that’s always a struggle you know trying to figure out what implant and what are we were storing yeah and my biggest concern with people who

were scanning stuff into smart doc and I’m gonna open my smart doc here it just gave an example so here’s ┬átreatment plans and a bunch of other

things that are in smart doc depending on who saved it and who renamed it this could be anything but

I could actually right click and remove this document alright and it’s gone forever there’s no way to recover it you know what if I was thinking oh this

was for Bob and not for Mary I want to move this well there’s no way to move it and if I right-click and I deleted it it’s gone what’s the transfer

document that’s right well the transfer you could do that but what I’m saying is if you didn’t realize it in the rain for any reason there’s no recovery it’s gone yeah so I’m not a big fan of stuff in smart doc and again

because over time this gets bogged down with information yeah the beauty of having it here is if I right-click and room over fight delete at this image it goes into our imaging recycling bin and I can always get it back now recycle arrange

that you’re bringing that up do you recommend cleaning that out at any given times yeah it’s it’s I kind of purge it on a yearly basis for the year you know not the year before but two years before so

I wait months or twelve months before I purge out the old stuff it’s also the image recycling bin is also a great tool for the office to use to find out information like if you

have a new assistant is that assistant taking films to get an eighteenth series it’s a great way to look and see you know because remember

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